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 dclone hunter

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PostSubject: dclone hunter   Tue May 01, 2007 1:03 am

Hey, guys most of you dont know me, i joined yesterday. Im horrible when it comes to programing any type of hack, i should've taken IT in highschool lol. I was wondering if any1 knew where i could get the necessary things to hunt down dclone games, i have multiple cdkeys, around 6 or 7, would also need some help on how to run more than 2 diablo's at the same time. ( i know how to run 2 copies using the cd key changer) I have a smiter, just need the program and hack or watever it is that people use when hunting them ( someone told me to download Mirc, some type of internet relay chat program but i dont know how i can hunt dclone with that.)

Another thing is , im looking for a link to a working pindle bot, and someone to help me program it to run with a cold or light sorc ( not sure wats best) any info regarding what class is best to use while pindle botting is higly appreciated, and if its compatible with hammerdins and how safe that is too if any of you tried it before.! also if you know if these programs are detectable? i'm not really scared of using them just need a good website without keylogers. Someone told me is a good place. Can any1 confirm?

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PostSubject: Re: dclone hunter   Tue May 01, 2007 5:33 am

Pindle bot:

mmBot (multi-bot including dclone, best bot so far):
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dclone hunter
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