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 Diablo 3 Info

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PostSubject: Diablo 3 Info   Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:16 am

-Each class comes with both male and female versions, so your gender will no longer be dictated by your function.

-All the dungeons’ layouts are randomly generated. The exteriors are not. We have a new system of adventures that allows us to cut sections out of the terrain to put random — whatever — in there. We can put random terrain, we can put in scripted events — we wanted to add a lot more scripted events into the game.

-Potions, be gone! Well, not really, but Diablo III is being created with less reliance on carry-along health packs. Dying enemies will cough up red orbs that give you an immediate health recharge, so you don’t have to stockpile potions (they are, however, still in the game).

-We spotted stackable Scrolls of Identify and Scrolls of Town Portal, so you should expect to find unknown treasures and shuttle them back to civilization on demand.

Yep there is still Town Portals, we can expect TPPK coming cheers

Andy Next Pker lol!

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Diablo 3 Info
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