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PostSubject: 2.0   Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:21 am 2.0

* Excellent Ping
* Channels and Chat in-game
* Ladders and Rankings, secured against cheating.
* Extended stats, with possibility to see who D/C etc
* AMM-type Matchmaking
* Avatars, Images and Icons to represent yourself
* Diablo III Hardcore mode
* Friends/Ignore Lists with advanced management
* Clan Support
* Automated Tournaments

Arrow In addition, there’s plenty of rumors regarding an Achievements system, Accountability (to track cheaters and those who use hacks) and Voice Over IP in-game chat.

There’s already something of an achievement system in Diablo 2 with the Lords, Dames and the other titles. However, what’s new in Diablo 3 is that your Diablo 3 achievements will be added to your WoW and Starcraft 2 achievements for a total Blizzard rank.

The Blizzard rank will be associated with your master account, so you’ll be able to show off. I only hope they give adequate achievements bonus to WoW twinks ‘cos I have several!

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